Education over the smart cities’ life ciycle. L’éducation durant le cycle de vie des smart cities

Khaldoun DIA-EDDINE Born: 1958 in Aleppo – Syria Residence: since 1980 in Switzerland Citizenship: Swiss Education: · and electrical engineer · MBA · Swiss Federal diploma for adult teaching · Diploma as integral business coach Professional path: · 10 years, HW and SW development engineer · 1990-2009 Several International Management Positions in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. · Since 2009 senior lecturer, consultant and researcher with Zurich University for Applied Sciences, Head of the “Center for Middle East and Africa Business” at the same university. · Guest lecturer worldwide with LSC, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UNCTAD, EAFIT · Membership in several local, regional and international organizations and institutions · Publication of 4 books or part of books · Over 52 publications and speeches in 4 languages · Won: “Teaching and Learning Award” of Zurich University for Applied Sciences – School of Management and Law for 2017 Hobbies: Reading, writing, humanitarian and social projects, walking, swimming.

Important dates

• Full Paper Submission 

     June 30, 2020

      • Notification of acceptance :          August  24, 2020

     • Special Session Proposal :       

    July 31, 2020

• Camera ready paper submission :

     September 20, 2020

Conference date



Honorary Chair:


General Chair:

Dr. Mustapha  HATTI                        (Algeria)


Technical Co-Chairs:​

Pr. Kamal   YOUCEF-TOUMI         (MIT, USA)

Dr. Abdelouaheb DEHBI           (PSI, ZH, CH)

Pr. Mouloud    DENAI                               (UK)

Pr. Isam SHAHROUR                         (France)

Pr. Kodjo  AGBOSSOU                      (Canada)

Pr. Othmane  ABDELKHALEK           (Algeria)

Pr. Aziz MUHAMMAD                         (Japan)

Pr. Miguel Angel SANZ BOBI              (Spain)

Dr. Gilles BETIS                                  (France)

Pr. Eedara ASWANI                               (India)

Pr. Krim FATEH                                  (Algeria)

Pr. Okba  KAZAR                                (Algeria)

Pr. Mustapha  TIOURSI                     (Algeria)

Dr. Ali HADDI                                 (Morrocco)

Dr. Youcef SOUFI                               (Algeria)

Pr. Boudghene  Stambouli Amin    (Algeria)

Pr. Saad MEKHILEF                        (Malaysia)

Dr. Breda ZELIA                               (Portugal)

Pr. Abdelkader  AISSAT                    (Algeria)

Pr. Vito CALDERARO                              (Italy)

Dr. Nachida KASBADJI MERZOUK   (Algeria)

Dr. Safa RAMIN                                       (Iran)

Pr. Adel MELLIT                                 (Algeria)

Pr. Kamel BOUSSAFI                        (Algeria)

Dr. Vijayan Dharanendran                   (India)

Pr. Katia KOUZI                                  (Algeria)

Dr. Brahim BERBAOUI                       (Algeria)

Pr. Cherif CHIBANE                        (MIT, USA)

Pr. A/Ghani HARRAG                        (Algeria)

Pr. A/Ghani AISSAOUI                       (Algeria)

Dr. A. TAMILARASAN                             (India)

Pr. Mohamed BOUHAMIDA               (Algeria)

Dr. Cherif BENOUDJAFER                 (Algeria)

Dr, Zoubir BELGROUN                       (Algeria)

Dr. Ghazza MASMOUDI                     (Tunisia)​​