Pr. Adel MELLIT, Jijel Univ. Algeria

Fault detection and diagnosis techniques for photovoltaic systems: Trends, challenges and recommendations

Faults in any components (modules, connection lines, converters, inverters, etc) of photovoltaic (PV) systems (stand-alone, grid-connected or hybrid PV systems can seriously affect the efficiency, energy yield as well as the security and reliability of the entire PV plant), if not detected, quickly enough. In addition, if some faults persist (eg. arc fault, ground fault and line-to-line fault) they can lead to risk of fire. Monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) methods are indispensable for reliability, efficiency, and safety of the PV plant. In this talk, the types and causes of PV systems failures will be presented, then some methods proposed in the literature for monitoring, FDD of PV systems will be also discussed. Special attention will be paid to methods that can accurately detect, localize and classify possible faults occurring in a PV array. Advantages and limits of FDD methods in terms of feasibility, complexity, cost-effectiveness and generalization capability for large-scale integration, as well as the applications of artificial intelligence techniques will be also discussed in this talk. The conclusion of the talk will highlight the trends, challenges and recommendations.


 Dr.  Adel  Mellit  is  a  professor  of  renewable  energy  at  the  faculty  of  sciences  and  technology,  Jijel  University,  Algeria.  He  received  the  M.Sc.Eng.,  and  Doctorate  degrees ,  both  Electronics  from  the  University  of  Sciences  Technologies  (USTHB)  Algiers in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Research interests of Dr. Adel Mellit focus on  the  application  of  the  artificial  intelligence  techniques  in  photovoltaic  systems and micro-grids, control, fault diagnosis, optimisation and   real time integration applications.  He has authored and co-authored more than 90 papers in international peer reviewed journals (mostly in Elsevier), and papers in conference proceedings (Mostly in IEEE) mainly on photovoltaic systems and six book chapters. He is the  director  of  renewable  energy  laboratory  at  Jijel  University and an associate  member  at  the  ICTP  Trieste  (Italy). He is actually serving on the editorial board of Renewable energy and  Energy  journals (Elsevier Ltd).

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     July 31, 2019

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 July 31, 2019

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      Tuesday 26/11/2019

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Pr. Said MAAMOURI                (Algeria)


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