Prof. Belkacem OULD BOUAMAMA

Ecole Polytech, Lille, France



Supervision of Multi-sources Renewable Energy Systems: Event Driven Hybrid Bond Graph approach.


Belkacem OULD BOUAMAMA Professor, Polytech Lille (France), CRIStAL Laboratory (UMR CNRS 9189)


Solar and wind energies, as the most abundant energy sources, represent sustainable clean alternatives to confront the increasing climate change and pollution problem. However, regardless of their long-term sustainability, these sources are not permanently available nor stable. The fact that the majority of renewable sources does not provide a stable power over a day time basis emphasizes the need of a power storage unit. As an interesting energy carrier, green hydrogen, if used as a parallel energy storage, represents a suitable solution for long term and largescale storage. The produced hydrogen can be stored to then regenerate electricity as shown in the figure. Combined with multiple renewable energy sources, the electrolysis and the Fuel Cell represent interesting energy storage solution. They couple electricity, as the most common energy form, with hydrogen, as zero-emissions flexible energy storage to form an Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (HRES). From dynamical and control point of view, some units (such as the wind turbine, electrolyser, fuel cell and utility grid...) introduce different operating modes. Indeed, they need to be disconnected and reconnected to the power system according to different operating conditions and protection measures. Because of this dual (discrete and continuous) dynamical aspect, intermittence and multiphysic aspect of energy sources, such system is very difficult to modelize for optimal operating modes control management. The plenary presentation exposes a review of multisources system control and proposes a generic tool named Event-Driven Hybrid Bond Graph (EDHBG) as an integrated tool not only for dynamic modelling but also for supervision including fault detection and isolation and fault tolerant control in degraded modes. The developed methodology is illustrated by a real application represented by a multisources system which consists of solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbine coupled with an electrolyser to produce green hydrogen feeding a Fuel Cell.


Belkacem OULD BOUAMAMA is full Professor and head of the research at « Ecole Polytechnique de Lille, France ». His main research areas developed at CRIStAL laboratory CNRS9189 where he leads “MOCIS” group, concern Integrated Design for Supervision of System Engineering. Their application domains are mainly intelligent transport, energy, and mechatronic systems. He is the author of more than one hundred international publications in this domain. He is co-author of five books in bond graph modeling and Fault Detection and Isolation area. Research and teaching activities can be consulted at:

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